Welcome to THE HOME.SEWN HOMEMAKER- an integrated makers and bakers platform where we will discuss the importance of a period.  I will let you decide which one.  

I have been tossing and turning - well, not exactly - more like having margarita, after margarita -- and thinking about what the hell I should be writing about next.  Blogs are weird like that, you always need to make sure that you're talking about something. 

Well, rather than pull a Blues Traveler (if you do not get the joke, CLICK HERE), I will just share the 7 most interesting things that I have encountered on the internet this week. 

  1.  THIS FUCKING DOG is the BEST. 
  2. These guys are "on a mission to introduce the animal world to performance art", hm?  Best part?  People are paying them to do it.  
  3. This cheesecake.  Anyone want to send one over?
  4. Let me know if you find anything more captivating than these wind powered creatures
  5. This cool Japanese website demonstrating gift box ideas.  Imagine how great our towels would look in some of these!
  6. An underwater restaurant in Maldives.  Yes, under da sea
  7. And this, list of homemade cleaners.   I know, this last one is not exactly "exciting" - but remember, we're homemakers.  A clean home is a happy home.  I guess.

Let me know what you think of these, especially that cheesecake!

Anyone want to go to Maldives?

Stay tuned - we are cookin' up so new things!  Our studio is a mad house right now.  

COMING UP:  We partner up with CasuallyFormal and try to tackle the barrier between gender mindsets.   Good luck, right?  Well, if nothing else - should be entertaining.