Welcome to THE HOME.SEWN HOMEMAKER- an integrated makers and bakers platform where we will discuss the importance of a period.  I will let you decide which one.  

Okay - so I know that I promised you guys an article with Casually Formal, explaining the way that men think -- BUT, I had to put it aside for a minute.  It's coming.

First, we need to talk.  Look - I KNOW that school is starting back and everyone wants to appear "fresh", but STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY.

I know, I know - little Timmy needs new jeans because he grew 2 inches over the summer.  That's cool and all, but make Timmy some shorts.  That's right, cut the bottoms off and make that kid some shorts.  Save yourself the headache and wallet rape of buying shorts at the Children's Place and DIY some shorts for "free".  Not only will they look cool paired with a vintage-style tee, you won't be pissed if they get ruined.

You don't have kids?  The rules still apply.  Make yourself some shorts out all of those wide-leg jeans that went out of style 10 years ago and you refuse to let go of.  You'll thank me for it later when your drawer space doubles. 

Seriously, stop wasting so much time and money at the mall every year.  Yes, your family probably needs a wardrobe update - so only get a FEW key pieces and emprovise the rest.  "What the hell do you mean..?"  I'll explain. 

There are staples that you can not avoid buying, especially for kids that outgrew things over the summer: 2 pairs of new jeans (you made the old ones into shorts), 2 fashion tees, 1 solid colored dress or skirt (if you're into that), and MAYBE a pair of chinos if you do not have any other "nice" pants.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALREADY IN YOUR CLOSET.

Should I repeat?

Now - take EVERYTHING "old" out of your closet + dressers and put them in a pile.  Just the act of bringing everything out will spark your outfit creativity.  It's like going shopping all over again, except everything is already paid for.  

Keep in mind, as long as something fits you properly you can OWN the look.  That's the secret, good fit.  

From there mix everything arond - you'll start to notice color combinations that you had never considered before.  Why not wear that maroon skirt with your bright red shirt?  Shit, throw on a statement necklace and you'll look like you just walked out of a mall in Costa Rica.   Gold rings, gold chain...too much?  Maybe, maybe not.  Try it on.  Stack your accessories.  Just because something is meant to be worn one way doesn't mean that you HAVE to wear it that way. 

I personally find it helpful to online "window shop" before I start digging through my closet, this way I have an idea of what kind of combinations that I am looking for.  PRO TIP:  do this before the thrift store and you won't have to buy those staples (from above) at the mall.  Saving you both time + money.  What's better than that? 

Okay, okay.  Back to work.  Let me know your thoughts below, I'd love to hear them. 

- xoxo. Alyssa.