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Are you one of those people who gets serious anxiety every single time that you're logging into your bank account?  I WAS THE QUEEN OF THAT FEELING.   But now I log on almost every day and quickly learned that was the solution.

Okay- so we're done here, right?  Nope.  That's just the beginning.  

Maintaining a healthy bank account (and your sanity) is very hard work.  It's a job.  You are your own accountant, unless you have the money to hire your own personal accountant.  If that's the case, this post probably isn't for you. 

So what can you do?  You are so tired of missing out on shit because you "simply do not have the FUNds".  That is the fucking worst.  Nothing makes you feel like a shittier adult than to have to admit to your friends that you simply can not afford to come out and have Thursday night margaritas.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO.  Let's start with some basic tips:

  • STOP GETTING TAKE OUT DELIVERED.  This is probably the most wasteful way to spend your hard earned money.  You're literally paying someone have them bring you something because you're being too lazy to get it yourself.  Think about that.  Unless you are physically unable to get in the car and get this yourself, it's a waste.  "Oh, but what if I am piss drunk?"  Keep a frozen pizza stashed in your freezer at all times.  Which leads us directly into our next point.

  • STOP GETTING TAKE OUT AND GOING OUT EVERY OTHER NIGHT BECAUSE YOU "DON'T HAVE TIME".  If you think that going out and getting food for convience is "worth the money", do the math.  "But I'm only eating for one".  Do the math for one then, sweetheart.  Let's say, for example, you want a buffalo shrimp salad for dinner - you're working late, it's on the way home, and you "kind of" want something healthy.  I get it - but that salad is probably going to be about $13.  So, $13 - for one meal.  When instead you could have planned ahead (because you know that you always work late on Wednesdays) and picked up some frozen shrimp ($6) + lettuce ($3) + other veggies ($5) at Aldi this past weekend - which would have been around $14 and given you TONS of leftover veggies for the rest of the week.  Now suppose you're feeding two people:  that's $26 at the restaurant and $14 at home.  Which, by the way, making a buffalo shrimp salad at home takes about 10 minutes (faster than the restaurant).  So now you're wasting money AND time.  Yikes.

  • START MANAGING YOUR TIME - MAKE YOURSELF A SCHEDULE.  Seems like that would not be a big reason why you don't have money, but I bet that it is.  Think about it.  You get bored, you get lonely, you start trying to fill the void.  This can pop up in a multitude of ways - bored shopping, bored bar hopping, get bored and call a friend to go out to dinner.  Start managing your time, set aside days/budgets for social activies - pretty soon you'll start to see some improvement in your bank account.

  • CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT ALMOST EVERY DAY (all of them).  I know that I said it before, BUT I CAN NOT STRESS IT MORE.  Keeping an eye on your expenditures is the best way to keep yourself in check.  You'll start noticing $5 coffee, $13 buffalo shrimp salad, $25 pizza delivery - see right there you've wasted your cable bill.  And don't start just doing it once a month/week - this needs to be every other day until you start realizing where your money is actually going.  

  • STOP THROWING THINGS AWAY BECAUSE THEY'RE "BROKEN".  Learn to fix common problems.  Learn to mend your clothing, do your laundry properly (to prevent said mends), learn how to use a nail + hammer, wood glue, fabric glue, YouTube is your friend.  Try to use things in new ways before you toss them.  For example, throwing away old full-sized towels because they're looking "not so great"?  Cut them up and use them for dusting and tidying up after you use the wood glue - this also saves your nice washcloths from death. 

  • CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS, AGAIN.  This time, go to your student loan accounts, credit card accounts, bills, etc.  GET THAT SHIT IN CHECK.  Debt in those places means that you can not afford that new Kate Spade handbag + Coach riding boots, sorry hun.  Learn how to hustle the second hand life and get yourself out of debt.  Seriously though, keeping an eye on these accounts will keep you concious of your spending habits and force you to budget properly.  I know it sucks, but you MUST STOP IGNORING IT.  

  • PARTICIPATE IN A CLOTHING SWAP.  Get yourself a new wardrobe, for free.  Grab a pile of shit you don't wear, call up your pals (get them to do the same), grab some wallet-friendly booze, and have a fucking party.  I PROMISE that you'll have a great time.  For more inspiration - see our other post on maximizing your current closet

  • LOOK UP FREE EVENTS IN YOUR CITY.  There are so many free events going on all of the time, every fucking where.  Though, sometimes they can be a bit hard to find.  If you have to - stop by your local vistors center and ask if they know where to find them.  This (a) gets you out of the house (b) for free and (c) you can bring friends + be social.  WIN. WIN.  WIN.

Hopefully, after you start doing a few of these you'll start to notice you have a little extra money here and there.  Well - don't get too excited.  Once you start noticing the extra money that you have, start putting 40% of it away in a savings account (A SEPERATE ACCOUNT) - this way when you're fucking tire goes flat on a Tuesday morning, your life isn't over.  You can thank me later.  The other 60%, use it with caution - but treat yourself kindly.  

Any questions, or tricky problems that you can't put into any of these groups?  Feel free to drop a line below or send us a confidential email.  We'd love to hear from you.

xoxo.  HOME.SEWN