Welcome to THE HOME.SEWN HOMEMAKER- an integrated makers and bakers platform where we will discuss the importance of a period.  I will let you decide which one.  

Okay - so maybe not a whole new me.  Frankly, I do not think there was too much wrong with the "old" me.  But that's how you get all F*ked up and stuck in time, thinking there's nothing wrong with the "old".  Keep that mindset and you'll be stuck with a 2017 hairstyle and painted on skinny jeans forever.  "Sorry, me in 2046, I didn't want to let go".  Don't let that be you.

Stuck in the 1980s

So what can you do to keep yourself on top this year- and all other years to come?  Invest in your best self.

Here are some tips:

1.  Make smart financial decisions.  Take a look back on previous blog posts about making good financial choices.  Save for retirement, make goals.  You want to go to Punta Cana?  Well, check out Groupon getaways and start saving.  Not good at saving?  I spy a resolution.  

Living His Best Life in Punta Cana

2.  Don't eat shitty food.  If it looks shitty, chances are - probably is going to come out that way too.  Stop treating your organs like they're made of steel, even Superman wouldn't eat pizza, burgers, + chili cheese fries in one day.  Skeptic?  Okay, fine.  Put some Crisco on a sewing machine and watch that f*cker clog up in 24 hours and die.  Sorry babe, time to drop the junk food.

Self-explanatory Superman

(Image borrowed from quietlunch.com)

3.  Make some new friends and talk to your family more.  If you want to stay current, be your best self, be happy - you'll need some cheerleaders.  Go out, meet some new people and call your mom.  Learn new things from them.  Be awesome together!

4.  STOP FUCKING SMOKING.  Why are you still smoking anyway?  Nothing good comes out of it.  They smell, they stain, they kill.  Yum.  They're also a hardcore money sucker (see point 1).  Seriously, one year of smoking in CT can cost you over $3k.  Do you know how many trips to Punta Cana that gets you?  Probably not, because you don't have the extra money yet.  Sorry, no soft pats on the back here.  Tough love, Buttercup.  Stop holding on to your past addictions and live in the future. 

Stop Fucking Smoking

5.  Be grateful and take small steps.  As with any change, take it slowly.  Don't cold turkey your old habits and life - it only makes them seem unattainable.  Instead, practice being grateful that you are able to slow down and take things day by day.  Be sure that you do have a goal though - nothing can be achieved if you don't know what you're working for.  

6.  Do more things for YOU.  What's your favorite thing to do?  Watch?  Smell?  Listen to?  Wear?  Read?  Write?  Eat?  Do them, eat them, smell them.  Own them.  You're the only person that can live your life and you're only allowed one...so...YOLO?  Are people still saying that?  Shit.  Maybe I'm stuck in 2015 and didn't know it.  

Who the Fuck is This Guy?

Enjoy your New Year, guys!  Feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts + comments.  We'll definitely need the break- between re-opening the shop in a few weeks + totally revamping our product lines, we're swamped!