Welcome to THE HOME.SEWN HOMEMAKER- an integrated makers and bakers platform where we will discuss the importance of a period.  I will let you decide which one.  

What makes someone creative?  Is it depression?  Is it an intense anxiety of failure?  Is it an actual love for beauty?  

So I did a little research - what is it about anxiety and depression that spark the most successful creative journeys?  That's what this is, right?  A creative journey?  I would like to think so.

Alright - so we are on the subject now...the BIG D.  yes, even bigger than that one that one time.  I lost you?  Let it go, it's not worth it.  

Let's talk about depression- and while we are at it, anxiety.  After all, they are like siamese twins.  

I have always struggled with anxiety and depression.  In fact, so have almost all of the most creative people that I have ever met.  That thought really bothered me.  So I did a little reading.  

Through my research, I found that scientists have actually found a clear link between being a highly creative person and being diagnosed with a mood disorder.  Not a relief- so I continued reading.  "Creativity was most commonly associated with bipolar disorder", things are really starting to make sense with failed past relationships now.  The same article goes on to say that even though creative people tend to have higher instances of mood disorders, not all people with mood disorders display creativity.  Okay - so it is not a defining trait of the disorder.

Being creative tends to have the artist depict a new outlook on the world - whether it is through music, painting, sculpting, sewing, etc.  You want to make the world as bleak or beautiful as you see fit to cope.

A seperate article states that "modern research suggests that highly creative minds are at an increased risk for depression due to their insightful and highly empathetic worldview" (note what I said above).  As artists, we are constantly evaluating the word around us, knit-picking what we love and hate about it.  We are forcing ourselves to see everything for what it is and what we would change about it to make it our own and I think that is why we turn to creative outlets.

Creatives tend to spend a lot of time thinking, and over-thinking, fears and failures + disappointments and insecurities- more so than their counterparts, says another article.  Ah, so there is the anxiety.  It makes senses as to why it is so prevalent. 

But what can we do?  Are we doomed to always be sad, anxious people who are always living in a 'grass is greener' scenerio?

Nope.  That is exactly why we turn to art.  Art IS the solution to the problem.  The actual method to the madness.  Creatives need this energy to survive and the other side needs our help seeing the world in all of its beauty and darkness.  

I think that it could really just all be a misunderstanding between two kinds of minds that see the world completely differently.  Maybe it is not acutally a "madness" or a mental flaw - just a different perspective than the control unit. 

Either way- keep creating.  It will restore sanity.